Our Story

Divine Distillers is a small craft distillery based in Salem, Oregon. We specialize in Eau-de-Vie made from locally sourced fruit and grains. We pride ourselves in drawing out the flavors and complexity of the local ingredients. We urge people who are interested in trying our farm to glass tastings.  Our tastings include the fruit, the wine, and the spirit to trace the flavor profile all the way through the distilling process.

Our Products

Eau-de-Vie, Rum, Brandy

Our signature Eaux-de-Vie (water of life) capture the essence of local fruit in a fiery spirit perfect as a before or after meal shot.  Try our pear, apple, and blueberry for a unique addition to your family meal.

Our silver rum (inferno) is a perfect cocktail base.  For a smoother finish our oak aged rum (pergatorio) provides a drink that stands well on its own.  For something different try our famous red rum, Roobios Inferno.

Our Distillery

In the heart of the Willamette Valley, amidst wineries, craft breweries, and orchards our small craft Divine Distillers was born.  Here we make each bottle of our spirits with a goal to preserve and highlight the flavor of our local fruit.  We seek to adapt tradition with innovation to create spirits that capture the essence of the Willamette Valley.

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