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Visit our new Tasting Room

We are finally in our new location and have our tasting room ready. Come on by and see the new look (though we are still organizing and setting up our stills. You can pick up a bottle to go, try our spirits, or sit and enjoy a refreshment at our outdoor seating areas Tuesday- Saturday 1 to 6:30.

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5 comments on “Visit our new Tasting Room

  1. I would love to visit your new place! I can’t seem to find your new address on your website (I’m old!).

  2. Hi. Do you have tasting nights? We are wanting to get a few people to come in; maybe 10 or so.
    Thank you

    • divinedistillers

      Hi Terri! If there are 10 of you, it would be better to set up a tasting for you group. Please reach out to us at info@divinedistillers.com. We have also started up with Tours. All of this would be easy to set up in email.

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