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Celebrate Divine’s First Year

August 17, 1-6 at Divine’s Tasting Room

2195 Hyacinth Ave NE, Salem, OR)

We will have food (Rolling Bridgeway Cafe and Los Peques), new cocktails, and release spirits.

Come pick up your own bottle of our special release of Strawberry Eau-de-vie. A unique spirit made with 100% Oregon grown Honeyoye Strawberries. You won’t believe the flavor, and our Aged Pear Brandy a mix of Salem’s Bartlett, Bosc, and Anjou pears.

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Summer at Divine

We have busy at Divine getting ready for the summer. We have released our Pandan Rum the only distillery in the world making Pandan Rum. We have been fermenting our Honeoye Strawberries and are distilling the delicious wine into our strawberry brandy this week. It should be available for purchase in early August. Also our Cowcohol is almost here. This unique vodka is made in partnership with TMK Creamery using Whey from their very happy cows. Stop by our tasting room or visit it us at the Salem Saturday Market.

Unique Milk Vodka Coming Soon!
Strawberries ready to ferment. Oregon Strawberry Brandy will be ready in early August.
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New to the Spirit world

All, Please join me in welcoming Peach and Blackberry brandy into the spirit world. Our Inferno lines of both joined our Spirits Friday September 23rd.

We also say goodbye to our Strawberry, as the last bottles sold this week. We will not see Strawberry again in our realm until Spring.

If you want a bottle of Strawberry next year, be sure to reserve you bottle now, so we can produce it and set it aside for you.

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$1295 raised for Juvenile Diabetes

Thank you to all of the people who donated prises and helped us raise funds, as well as to our wonderful customers who bought all sorts of things to help us raise nearly $1300. We are so humbled by the huge showing of support from everyone.

Here we are at the JDRF One walk representing Salem Oregon’s first and only distillery.

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Thank you!

Thanks to everybody who helped make our grand opening a huge success.  It was wonderful to be welcomed so warmly as a new business in Salem.  The watermelon and strawberry brandy were very popular and people loved the tours and cocktails.    If you missed the opening our tasting room is now open Wed, Fri, and Saturday 3:00 -8:00 PM.


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Welcome to Divine Distillers

We are an international family. Jason grew up in Brazil and Mexico with most of his family in South Africa and Europe. Jennell grew up in the Midwest, but fell in love with France and Brazil. We moved often living in England, Belgium, Canada, France, and Brazil. We love the long friendly meals of Latin American and Europe that often involve distilled spirits before and after courses. At the birth of our son we struggled to find a name that would work in the many languages we spoke and the countries we had visited. We finally settled on Dante. Five years later we were fortunate enough to adopt our daughter Angelica from Guatemala. Divine Distillers is an homage to our children. We use Jason’s exceptional ability to find just the right timing of distillation and mixing to create the smoothest alcohols.

We make Eau-de-Vie (water of life) combining traditional European process with innovative practices.  Each fiery drink is filled with the natural flavor of our local fruits.  Continue to follow us throughout the year to taste fruit Eau-De-Vie and Brandy as the fruits are in season.